Paracord Belt with Carabiner Buckle 3.0

Paranoid Belt with Carabiner Buckle 3.0

Maybe the final version…until the next one. Full instructional coming soon!

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4 Responses to Paracord Belt with Carabiner Buckle 3.0

  1. Jeremy Jones says:

    I saw that you had previously commented on here that you don’t really sell anything that you make. I was just curious what it costs, roughly, to make one of these belts. Also, if you were to ever sell one of these belts, what would your price have to be? Feel free to email me directly. Thank you.

    • mobiobione says:

      A few people have asked this, and it is an interesting question. In bulk, that much paracord can be bought for, let’s say $8, then a buckle for maybe $5, if you want to atually use something sturdy. The fastest I have ever made one is maybe 3-4 hours, so the question is; What do you want to make per hour with your new buisness, and what will people pay? I would be shocked if people would pay more than $50, so that is maybe $10 per hour I’d be making. Not feasable, in my opnion, unless you have an overseas textile factory sitting idle, with a cheap workforce, or other automated assembly line where you could get the time down to minutes from hours, and the cost of materials down with bulk purchases in the 10,000 range. In short, only profitable in massive bulk production…

  2. John M. Parker says:

    Hi–Great site. Quick question: where did you get those twisted D-Rings? And I might as well ask where you got the carabiner, too (or where you recommend getting one). This is brilliant. Thank you!

    • mobiobione says:

      I had to weld up the twisted ones because I couldn’t find something like that. On one of my pages somewhere is a pic of a D-ring with a small clevis, which kinda achieves the same thing. The carabiners are from

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