When I was young, it was the rich people who fixed stuff with Duct Tape.  For us, bailer twine and an old tin can was the standard.  If you were brave and really needed it, you could try sneaking into the house to steal a coat hangar for the wire, but don’t let mom catch you!

After that, some Boy Scouts, a year or so in the Militia as an infanteer, then Military College in Kingston, Pilot training, helicopter postings all over Canada, now STARS heli-ambulance.

…and still, I find that rarely things are built right….sigh…least now I have money for Duct Tape…though I prefer paracord and zip-ties now…gotta get that welder hooked back up…



2 Responses to About

  1. Jason says:

    Which stars base do you fly out of??

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