Carabiner Belt Buckle – 2.0

Right! after making the first Buckle, wearing it for a day, and then applying the right amount of coffee and staring off into space, I came up with this. This is a Dibblee 5000lb steel carabiner. Oval because it seemed to work better, but might still work with other shapes. (The belt is my Emergency Weave, see the link at the bottom of this page)


To make the pins, what you need to do is head on down to your local Canadian Tire, Hardware Store, DIY, or neighbours backyard, and buy/borrow/steal some 3/16″ steel rod and bend them like this,


I used a similar sized ‘sacrificial’ caribiner and a workbench mounted vice to do the bending. Sacrificial because I would not want to dent/scratch a caribiner I was planning to hang my life on. If you don’t have a spare, use a bolt or whatever to get the right bends, then cut, shape and file as required.

If you saw Buckle 1.0, you’ll recognize the pin in this picture, but the point is the little string to hold your paracord lines generally together while you feed them onto the caribiner. This one was too tight, so I had to cut it after I fed the whole thing onto the caribiner, but I’ll replace it so if/when I need the ‘biner, my belt will stay together until I want to take it apart.




And it looks like this! If I can find a triangle D-ring in my mess of a garage, I’ll weave a new belt with this Caribiner Buckle on one end and the D-ring on the other, making wearable 44″ 5000lb tow strap! How cool is that!




2 Responses to Carabiner Belt Buckle – 2.0

  1. Katie says:

    How wide is the carabiner you used?

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