Carabiner Belt Buckle

So I was looking for a good buckle of a paracord belt, and was having some trouble finding one, and I came up with this. Maybe not the biggest fashion statement, but then again…

Carabiner Belt Buckle

It is a prototype, still in the test and eval stage, but see what you think.  All you need is an piece of 1/2″ aluminum rod, and a couple pins( I used 4″ #8 woodscrews, wanted the pins to be hardened steel, filed down the threads, but am not sold on them), and some tools, file, drill, etc.




Fairly obvious construction, no modification to the ‘biner, so you can actually still use it. You can make the belt( from my Paracord Belt page!) right on the pin, or slide it on from another buckle, if you can manage it with your old buckle type.


Maybe a little bulky, but it’s hard to argue with practicality, and after wearing it, I was surprised at how I forgot it was there.


For daily use, it stays together, again, surprisingly well. If you need the carabineer, it just slide it out! I’m thinking to use the belt while using the carabiner, you could use a wrap or two of cord to replace the ‘biner, but I haven’t crossed that hurdle yet.



Version 2.0 might have a smaller carabineer, or maybe some different pins.


4 Responses to Carabiner Belt Buckle

  1. Julian says:

    Love your work! I will be soon undertaking the task of making my own paracord belt. I wanted to see your though on using an ESEE ESFIRESTEEL as a belt buckle. The dimensions are a bit small but I think it would make a decent buckle, look nice, and add a new function to the belt. Not sure what to use as a securing mechanism but thinking of using marine shackles.

  2. Jacob says:

    I love your belts. Thanks so much for sharing. I do have a question… how long have you used the above belt, and do the pins (woodscrews) end up wearing on the paracord where you stick them through the weave? Thanks!

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