Paracord Necklace

K! Here’s the instructions for this necklace. I have since found out that TIAT did this already, so you can go here too!

You need this kinda stuff;

The two pieces of paracord are around 6′ long, or if you want to get fancy, (because the lines weave back and forth in a sine-like pattern),  ((π/2) x 2) x desired finished length…or just two pieces of paracord around 6′ long for a 21″ necklace…This buckle is from one of my kids winter gloves…small Niteize S-clips work well too.

Put your clip, or buckle, or whatever, half way along both lines, like this;

All you do now, is cross the lines over, first the dark pair, then the light pair. each pair will end up making a kind of spiral, one clockwise we’ll call it, one counterclockwise. This opposite spirals deal ends up holding the pattern together.  You’ll see it right away of you get going with the wrong spirals, so just start over. It doesn’t take too long to do anyway.

You’ll end up holding it all together with you hands until you are done, since there is no knots, so expect sore fingers, especially if your OCD desire to keep it super tight kicks in, like mine does…

These pics show a good hand position to use;

It should atart to look like this;

As you go, your lines will get tangled below, so you’ll have to sort them out every once in a while.

To finish, it will depend on your clip design, but a simple half-knot, with a belled-out melted end has worked well for me.

When it looks like below, clip the ends off about 1/4″ long, then melt and quickly flatten them with the side of the knife or whatever works, to look like the bottom pic.

That’s it! Biggest problem is which colours to use…


7 Responses to Paracord Necklace

  1. Kristi says:

    What size paracord is this?

    • mobiobione says:

      4.0mm, or 5/32″, 550 paracord. Though it would work with any size, really. I’ve done it with gutted(inner strands removed) cord too, for a thinner look.

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  3. Cal says:

    Great instructional! Is there a way to put a clasp on instead of a buckle? The clasp would need a way to use just one paracord? Been looking for picture tutorial.

  4. don says:

    I don’t understand how to end the braid and tie off the other buckle

    • mobiobione says:

      It depends on what buckle you’re using, but for mine, I just crossed the ends over inside the loop of the buckle, and melted the ends so they were flared kinda wide, so they could not pull through the hole. If the loop on your buckle is too big for that, maybe try back weaving for a cross or two, to tuck the ends in maybe. If you want to get fancy, you can pull the outer sheath down a couple inches, cut the inner strands off, and finish the weave with just the sheath, to make a smaller cord that is easier to work with.

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