Salvaged Coffee Grinder

So I had one of these –


Which died shortly after the warranty expired, and never really worked that well anyway, but I did like the burr grinder part of it, so, after a bit of screwdriver, plier, and hammering, I hauled the grinder part out, like this –


Then, with this stuff –


I first drank the wine, then the next day, used the bottle and the white caps to form my acrylic (in the oven, 300 deg, 2 min, on the Silpat sheets – shhh! don’t tell the owner of the kitchen!) –




This is the body of my new grinder. Now to get the salvaged bits to fit in here, so, over to the belt sander, and a purpose-built jig to grind cylindrical-ly –


And after much grinding, fitting, wiring, etc, voila!



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